The Bhakti Groove

mantra music ~ sacred food ~ mystical journeys


Yoga Teacher Immersion
 dive deep into the heart of Bhakti Yoga
Switzerland 27 July-3 August


just finished a YTTC ?
This summer training is relevant for 



beginning yoga teachers



that wish to come to a deeper understanding and embodiment of yoga



so teaching will come natural and straight from the heart. 



beyond asana
living and teaching from the heart



Re-integrating body, mind and Spirit through the healing artof yoga



Expanding your vital life-forcewith ancient breathing techniques



Understanding your cosmic nature through Vedic science



Learning about your elemental naturefor better balance



Using the healing vibration of sound through mantra



Elevating food-making to the level of Love-making



Meditation and mindfulness as a state of being



Learning to trust your healing power



Offering from the heart



Align with the








When registered at Yoga Alliance, you can add 100 yoga teacher training hours related to the educational category of  Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle and Ethics (YPLE) 


After a steep walk up the mountain (astonishing views!) we will arrive in a beautiful private ashram where yurts, treehouses and stone houses are built against the sunny hill side.. In the heart of the ashram there is a sweet little house with temple room, cozy kitchen and veranda where we will enjoy our meals. We prepare food with lots of love, from home grown vegetables, flowers and organic ingredients. Bhakti yogis have created this little paradise not only with their bare hands but more important with a Bhakti mindset. Bhakti is the path of devotion and invites you to put love, God, or however you name it in the center of your universe and tap into these qualities with everything you do or manifest. The results are visible here in front of your eyes. During the week we will offer you spiritual topics to reflect on, insights and a different perspective to look at life. 


Daily Rhythm

  Every morning we start the day with pranayama and chanting mantra in the temple. We kickstart the day with Bhakti Flow Yoga on the yoga platform up the hill. Bhakti Flow is a combination of Pranayama, Mantra, Asana, Philosophy and Mudra. After breakfast we have a 2 hour theory class about Living & Teaching Yoga from the heart.  In the afternoon we dive deep into Bhakti Yoga with  the Bhagavad Gita, Vedic cooking, offering, and ritual.  After dinner we chant mantras in the tempel room. The purpose of this teacher immersion is to have a deeper connection with Self, through yoga practice so you will be able to embody the yogi and teach from the heart.


Bhakti is to Surrender to Love 


Price: 888 excl. VAT 

Excl. your ticket to Milan/Locarno and back home


This week will be printed in your heart for the rest of your life 

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