The Bhakti Groove

mantra music ~ sacred food ~ mystical journeys


Let us take you to up the mountain
and deep into the heart of Bhakti
Switzerland 29 July-5 August

After a steep walk up the mountain (astonishing views!) we will arrive in a beautiful private ashram where yurts, treehouses and stone houses are built against the sunny hill side.. In the heart of the ashram there is a sweet little 
house with temple room, cozy kitchen and veranda where we will enjoy our meals. We prepare food with lots of love, from home grown vegetables, flowers and organic ingredients. 

Bhakti yogis have created this little paradise not only with their bare hands but more important with a Bhakti mindset. Bhakti is the path of devotion and invites you to put love, God, or however you name it in the center of your universe and tap into these qualities with everything you do or manifest. The results are visible here in front of your eyes. During the week we will offer you spiritual topics to reflect on, insights and a different perspective to look at life. 

Every morning we kickstart with Vinyasa yoga on the yoga platform with breathtaking view,  followed by mindful breakfast. The mornings and one full day will be dedicated to sacred silence. In the afternoon we dive into the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga and in the evenings we unwind with restorative yoga. After dinner we make music and chant mantras in the tempel room, before we share and close our day. 

There will be enough time for to be with yourself and reflect, write or just be and breath. After this week you will walk off the hill,with a piece of paradise in your heart. Take it with you, share the fruits and make the world a better place! 

Bhakti Yoga is devotion to Love 


 07:00 Morning Kirtan chanting
 07.45 Vinyasa yoga session
 09:30 Vegan breakfast
 Free time or hike 
 13:00 Vegan lunch
 16:00 Yoga philosophy workshop
 17:00 Restorative Yoga 
 18:15 Vegan dinner

 18:45 Karma Yoga - garden/kitchen 

 19:30 Evening Kirtan 

Retreat highlights
Yoga philosophy workshops 
  Vinyasa yoga classes in the morning
 Restorative yoga classes in the evening
Beautiful hikes in lush nature
Vegetarian/vegan, 100% organic meals
7 nights accommodation

Guided (in Dutch/English depending on the participants)
Arjuna van der Kooij, Afke Reijenga & Noëlle Sterk

650 all inclusive

Excl. your ticket to Milan/Locarno and back home (yeah sorry you can't stay but always welcome to come back :D) 


This might stay in your heart for the rest of your life 

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