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Learn to play harmonium with Krishangi Lila


Krishangi Lila is a kirtan musician and vocal coach. And she is an excellent teacher and that is why we co-create these harmonium workshops with her. We have been doing a few now and they have always been very inspirational. You can join with little or no experience, and you will learn a few most essential Sanskrit mantras and how to accompany yourself with simple chords on harmonium while chanting.. Plus, have enough knowledge to practice more mantras at home. Chanting mantra is a very powerful tools for personal transformation. A mantra changes the energy body, quiets the mind and brings you deeper into your heart. And that is where you will find your ‘divine connection’ much more in there than ‘somewhere out there’. If you would like chanting to become a part of your spiritual practice, then this course offers you the opportunity. You will be introduced to a basic western chord system, so that you could easily tune into chanting and feel freedom of playing the harmonium in a meditative mood.

Delicious vegan lunch and drinks will be included. (and believe us, the food is yummieee ♥

Ticket options:

A. minimum donation 50 euro
B. suggested donation 75 euro
C. supportive donation 95 euro

For payment check this ticket link:

Let us know if you need a harmonium to practice this day: info@detempel.com

Hope to se you <3

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