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Kirtan with Momo & The Bhakti Groove @ De Tempel


S A T U R D A Y S S P E C I A L G U E S T S :
Momo & The Bhaktis are here from Portugal ♥ They will merge in our kirtan and steal your precious hearts ♥ ♥ ♥

KIRTAN is singing mantra in a group setting, which is a powerful practice to open the heart and connect with the Divine. Mantra means ‘liberation of the mind’ and you can feel that effect directly. The sound and melody of every mantra creates a specific vibration in your energy body in which all impurities and thought patterns dissolve. They get replaced by a holy syllabus and the more often you repeat this mantra, the more powerful it gets.

We love to hold the integrity of a real kirtan which is actually meant to be a prayer. We are not in it for ourselves, but to sacrifice something of ourselves to a higher meaning. By singing out the holy names we create an atmosphere in which divine energy can come down in the form of grace. This can be felt in the silence after the mantra.

To maintain this true depth in our kirtan, we humbly ask you not to take any instrument and join without asking. There will be a few songs that are open to jam along. And a few songs that we love to keep very meditative with specific instruments. We will let you know.

19:00 doors open
19:30 start kirtan Check the mobile number on the door
22:00 doors closed

PM your mobile number to receive notifications for the next kirtan by WhatsApp.

Minimum donation is €5 ♡
If you can miss a bit extra it would be wonderful ♡♡
to help us keep the temple up and running.

* 19 May 16:00-18:00 bi-weekly, gita course with Arjuna
* 22 May start 6-weeks pranayama cours with Noëlle
* 30 May Doorway to Silence with Dana Devi ~ album release
* 2 June mooncycle workshop with Irina Verwer
* 28 June Vedic astrology with Jeanette Groenendaal
* 7 July ~ sacred voice workshop with Avi Adir
* 2-12 October Mystical India with Arjuna, Noëlle & Blanca

the Bhakti Groove & De Tempel . Amsterdam

Sing you soon ♥

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