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Bhakti Flow

Hello Yogi(Ni) 

In answer to the many yogastudio' s in town that mainly focus on asana practice, we are offering deep, fun and inspiring Bhakti Flow yogaclasses in Amsterdam North, East, West and Center. They include pranayama (ancient breathing techniques), asana (physical posture), mantra (chanting) and myths (philosophy). The asana part will be a gentle flow of dynamic postures and long relaxing stretches. The mantra part will be guided by harmonium. 

The classes will be guided by Noëlle Sterk, Karolien Lammens & Blanca Wennekes. 

Rhythm of the class:

20/30 minutes relaxation, meditative breath, sound meditation, mantra

30/40 minutes gentle yoga flow

20/30 minutes pranayama, savaşana & mantra

Check out the schedule:


NEW!!  April 2019: bhakti flow classes in De Tempel.Amsterdam, MORE INFO SOON!

19:00-20:30 Noëlle @ Lichtcentrum (Schellingwouderdijk 337) Amsterdam Noord
*20:45-22:15 Noëlle @ Lichtcentrum (Schellingwouderdijk 337) Amsterdam Noord
*20:15-21:45 Blanca @ Reyn (Zeeburgerpad 74)  Amsterdam Oost 

20:00-21:30 ~  Karolien @ Svaha (Willemsstraat 133) Amsterdam Centrum

*09:30-11:00 Karolien @ Svaha (Begijnesteeg 1) Amsterdam Centrum
*09:30-11:00 Noëlle Lichtcentrum (Schellingwouderdijk) Amsterdam Noord
*20:15-21:45 Blanca @ Reyn (Zeeburgerpad 74) Amsterdam Oost

*19:00-20:30 Noëlle @ Lichtcentrum (Schellingwouderdijk 337) Amsterdam Noord
*20:45-22:15 Noëlle @ Lichtcentrum (Schellingwouderdijk 337)  Amsterdam Noord

10:00-11:30 Karolien @ Svaha (Willemsstraat 133)
11:00-12:30 Noëlle @ Natural High Yoga (Wittenstraat 100)
12:00-13:30 Karolien @ Svaha (Willemsstraat 133)

*10:30-12:00 Noëlle @ Pllek (TT Neveritaweg 59 NDSM)

Are you also interested to teach Bhakti Flow, contact Noëlle for upcoming teacher trainings. 

  • W W W . F A C E B O O K / T H E B H A K T I G R O O V E
  • W W W . T H E  B H A K T I  G R O O V E . C O M 
  • W W W . N O E L L E S T E R K . C O M